Thursday, December 18, 2014

Retro Sketches 145 Happy Day Card

Card for this week's retro sketch:


I painted the wood veneers with acrylic paint to get them the colors I was looking for, and also masked off part of the sentiment stamp so that I could just stamp the "happy day" part. Rather than doing a vertical card like in the sketch, I made it horizontal, in addition to making the card smaller than the standard 4.25 by 5.5 (I sized it to fit the puffy scallop sticker that I wanted to use).

On this card:
  • Pinkfresh Studio (washi tape, puffy scallop sticker, triangle wood veneer, enamel frame, sentiment)
  • Studio Calico (bird wood veneer)
  • Allison Kreft (doily patterned paper)
  • SEI (gray patterned paper - it's really old from when I first started scrapbooking)

Monday, December 15, 2014

Wood Slice Ornaments - Cork Reindeer and Chalkboard

I recently bought some wood slices from Etsy with aspirations of making some handmade ornaments this year, which I successfully executed (can't say that about all the ideas that come to my head).

I looked at both Etsy and Amazon before deciding to go with birch slices sold by Rachel's Scraps (here are her wood slice listings) - they looked the most like what I pictured in my head. The ornaments were pretty easy to make, especially after I had gotten all the supplies together. I thought about how to actually hang the ornaments and looked on Pinterest for some ideas, finally deciding on giving screw eyes a try, which turned out great with some help from Greg on the drill front.


For the basic ornament (adding the screw eye):
  1. Sandwich wood slice between two pieces of scrap wood and clamp to work surface, so the wood doesn't move when drilling
  2. Drill 1/16 inch hole into side of wood slice
  3. Hand-screw the screw eye into the drilled hole (should be easy since it's so small)
  4. I didn't need to do this, but if the screw eye is a little loose in the drilled hole, some glue can be added to secure it

For the cork reindeer ornament:
IMG_5548_CorkReindeerWoodSliceOrnament IMG_5554_CorkReindeerWoodSliceOrnament
  1. Paint two coats of acrylic paint over wood slice in chosen color. I used a Robin's Egg blue. Let each coat dry afterwards.
  2. Mask off bottom section of wood slice. I used blue painter's masking tape. Make sure the edge is pressed down firmly so the paint doesn't bleed under the paint.
  3. Paint two coats of acrylic paint in a different chosen color. I used gold.
  4. Cut desired shape (in my case, a reindeer) using Silhouette. I downloaded the flying reindeer set from the Silhouette design store and sized the reindeer I wanted to fit within the dimensions of my wood slice. I did some quick researching online of whether the Silhouette could cut cork and read on a forum that although it can, it doesn't come out very crisp, which I expected and also experienced when I cut the reindeer shape. I had my machine set at speed 1, blade setting 8, and also flipped the cork sheet to be upside down (cork side on the mat), but then also needed to go back and hand-cut the shape out.
  5. Adhere die cut shape to painted wood slice. Since the cork sheet already had adhesive on the back, it was just a matter of peeling and sticking.

For the chalkboard ornament:
IMG_5619_ChalkboardOrnament IMG_5624_ChalkboardOrnament

(It's so easy I almost feel silly writing this out . . .)
  1. Paint two coats of chalkboard paint over wood slice.
  2. Prime the chalkboard paint by rubbing chalk over the entire surface (this makes it so that when you erase, it's not so apparent what you wrote/drew on the chalkboard paint surface before).
  3. Write monogram in chalk (or draw whatever).
  4. Optional, but I added a little sprig of berry to the top for decoration.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

LetterCraft Arizona Heart Ornament and Packaging

At work, there's an annual women's networking event that's a white elephant-style ornament exchange. I went the first year after I switched companies (I did not end up with a desirable-to-me ornament), skipped last year, but went this year.

I spotted these handmade Arizona wood ornaments by LetterCraft on the Phoenix Flea Facebook page and got one of the Arizona heart ornaments for the exchange:


Since it's a white elephant ornament exchange, the ornaments have to be wrapped. I decided to use a plain brown paper lunch bag, but quickly embellished it with a doily, washi tape, and extra punched/stamped label (from holiday cards - which I really need to get on top of!):


I also, fortunately, ended up with an ornament that was better than last time!

On the topic of Arizona products . . . I saw this Arizona Home State shirt design last month at the Believe Boutique. I don't think I could pull off the off-the-shoulder sweatshirt look, but I was a fan of the design (it comes in other styles - tank top, long sleeve, and short sleeve):

AZ Home State #royalTEES are stocked at @AudreyShopAZ!!��✨ #royalbowtique #arizona #love

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Embossed and Painted Background Card

I'd been wanting to try brayering acrylic paint onto a dry embossing folder and using that for the background of a card. I finally gave it a try a few weeks ago, but it didn't turn out quite as crisp and neat an impression with the paint (the paint got into crevices that it shouldn't have) as I'd envisioned in my head. Maybe I need more practice, because I feel like I have seen other people do it, but it could also be the medium (i.e., I should try using something other than acrylic paint). I instead just ended up dry embossing first, then using the brayer to apply acrylic paint to the raised surfaces of the paper. I used the embossed and painted background on this card:


On this card:

Thursday, December 4, 2014

9 Weeks (Maternity) Layout

Baby K #2 finally has his own layout! This ultrasound was from the first doctor visit. He's actually been very active in the last eight or so weeks. I feel like, though I don't remember for sure, that he became significantly more active slightly later than Evie.

This was one of those layouts that came together fairly quickly for me. I got the Studio Calico paper maybe half a year to a year ago, and sat on it until I felt like I had the right idea for a layout.


On this layout (excluding what's on the original holiday card):